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A very common skin rash, triggered by the reaction to any food, medicine, or any irritant. It is very commonly known as ‘Sheetpitt/Pitti’ in India.

General Information
. It is easy to self-diagnose, by looking for raised red eruptions on the skin. It is mainly due to histamine released by mast cells in response to an irritant. Precipitating factors are viral or bacterial infections, drugs for some foods, etc.

Homoeopathic Approach
The conventional system of medicine uses antihistamine and corticosteroids to treat such conditions which give symptomatic relief only. The Homeopathic system of medicine believes in the removal of the root cause of the disease, resolves the hyperactivity of the immune system and provides long-lasting relief, gently and rapidly to the patient.

Commonly used Homoeopathic Medicines
Rhus tox
Urtica urens
Selection of medicine is based on individuality of symptoms, physical makeup up and constitution for the patient.

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