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Urticaria is a vascular reaction characterized by trasient pruritic patches on skin which can occur at any part of body . it is a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction due to ige antibodies.vasodilatation is caused by release of histamines.
provoking causes may be exogenous or endogenous .
exogenous causes are-foods, inhalantas, injection of few drugs, bee stings.bug bites, animal danger.
endogenous causes are -chronic septic conditions. urine infections, sle ,lymphomas, emotional stress.

TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT– modern or allopathic system of medicines use antiallergic and antihistamines which provide immediate relief but it is not permanent .
homeopathy corrects the immune response and hypersensitivity .homeopathy gives permanent relief .at dr.tomar’s homeoblessings homeopathy clinics we have cured hundreds of patients suuffering from urticaria permanently.
most commonly used homeopathic medicines are
urtica urens

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