Diseases we cure


Conventional drugs used for treating asthma can harm the immune function and lead to serious health issues and the patients should be treated at its root level by targeting its immunological factors. Homoeopathic treatment is safe and free from side effects. A proper course of homoeopathic medicines can finish your dependency on other medications. We have treated hundreds of patients successfully at homeoblessings.

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Homeoblessings, Alopecia


Alopecia can only be cured permanently with homoeopathic medicines as homoeopathic medicine improves the immunity and remove the internal cause of the disease. Patients are advised to take good nutrition.

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Homoeopathy is very effective for Tinea infections. One should contact early as delay or use of antifungal ointment can make the case difficult to treat. Patients are advised to clean the area of infection regularly and the patient should wear cotton clothes. Homoeopathic medicines are capable of curing Tinea fungal infections permanently with its roots.

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Psoriasis is manageable and curable with homeopathic medicines as Homeopathy targets the genetic and immunological factors behind the disease. Homeopathy treats the patient from head to foot and the emotional, social, economic, and mental factors are also considered.

In some cases, Homeopathy can act as the only Ray of hope for permanent cure of Psoriasis. At Homeoblessings, we have cured several patients who continue to lead a healthy life after the treatment.

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The conventional system of medicine uses antihistamine and corticosteroids to treat such conditions which give symptomatic relief only. The Homeopathic system of medicine believes in the removal of the root cause of the disease, resolves the hyperactivity of the immune system and provides long-lasting relief, gently and rapidly to the patient.

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Homeopathy is well known for the removal of warts. It is strongly recommended for worldwide for removal of warts without surgery and permanent treatment of warts. It may take a few weeks to months to remove a wart at its root.

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Tonsillitis response very well to homeopathic medicines. Surgical removal of tonsils can be avoided using homeopathic medicines. The intensity and frequency of tonsillitis can be reduced gradually with homeopathic treatment. It is very safe and gentle, and it gives the patients a permanent cure for tonsillitis.

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Homeopathy approaches such cases with the Holistic viewpoint. The homeopathic approach towards the management of PCS is constitutional. Considering patients’ physical symptoms, along with their mental and genetic makeup. Homeopathic medicines regulate the hormone level, dissolve the cyst in the ovaries, and help in the normal functioning of the ovaries, thereby eliminating the need for hormonal therapy and surgery.

At Homeoblessings, we have treated hundreds of patients with Polycystic ovary successfully.

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Rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains

Patients are advised to take proper rest, hot tube baths, and maintain good poster. Bearing on affected joints must be avoided.

Homeopathy enables our patients to cope with their chronic illness. Pain and inflammation is gradually reduced and the overall quality of life of the patient is also improved.

Most of the patients improve very well and respond very well to homeopathic medicines.

Quotes of treatment are prolonged and time-taking, but the treatment is free from side effects and is targeted towards a proper cure.

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Homeopathic medicines are very effective in such conditions when prescribed on basis of individuality. A detailed case checking is done in such cases which include maternal history, constitutional disposition, temperament, emotional, and mental states of the patients. In such cases, gynecologists should be consulted along with Homoeopathic treatment.

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Male Sexual Disorders

Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction etc. These are very common but easily curable.
The most common male sexual disorders are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation Erectile dysfunction is when a male has difficulty in erection or no erection. In other words one is not able to achieve sexual penetration. We are treating numbers of cases of erectile dysfunction without any side-effects before starting treatment it is necessary to find out root-cause.

Erectile dysfunction may be with reduced libido or reduced Desire —–it is due to hypogonadism or due to depression With intact libido or Desire causes are are vascular insufficiency neuropathy from diabetes or due to alcohol access some drugs like beta blockers and diuretics cause poor erection

When there is emission of semen or orgasm in a short time of beginning of sexual intercourse it is called premature ejaculation.

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