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*Ovarian Cysts – medical aid Medicine*
It is sac of fluid that type inside a woman’s ovaries ar called gonad cysts.
A woman could develop a cyst in one ovary or each the ovaries at identical time.
Ovarian cysts occur terribly usually in ladies of childbearing age, and ar less common in females when biological time.
– secretion imbalance
– girdle infections
– A case history of gonad cysts
– blubber or gaining weight apace

In several cases, gonad cysts don’t cause any symptoms and ar diagnosed throughout an everyday ultrasound. In different cases, some symptoms that will seem just in case of gonad cysts include:
– Pain within the lower abdomen (pelvis on the facet of gonad cyst). The pain could also be sudden , severe or could also be uninteresting.
– Bloating, heaviness, fullness within the abdomen
– Irregular periods, heavy/scanty periods
– Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
– Frequent elimination
– Painful gut movements
– Lower back pain or thigh pain
– Nausea and disgorgement.

– physiological condition
– In cases of PCOS, expelling irregularities could also be in the middle of different options like skin disorder, hirsutism, obesity, hair fall.

*Homeopathic medication for gonad cysts*
The Medicine ought to be presceibed on the premise of similimum. Here few medicines ar given that principally prescribed.

*Lachesis 200*
The Medicine for left gonad cysts. Swelling and pain within the left ovary that gets higher throughout expelling. expelling – short and scanty expelling, and black.
*Lycopodium 200*
The medicine for right gonad cysts. Burning or boring pains within the ovary.
Menses – Irregular luxuriant or prolonged periods, pain throughout intercourse and abdominal bloating.

*Colocynthis 30*
This medication is for gonad cysts that ar painful. The pain varies in character, starting from cramping, sewing to tensive. Burning sensation within the ovaries that gets higher upon bending over double and a sensitive gonad region that appears exhausting and swollen.

*Apis Mel 200*
It is a drugs for gonad cysts of right facet, that cause pain throughout intercourse. Pain is stinging, sharp, cutting from the ovary diverging down the thigh, soreness and tenderness over the gonad region, heaviness within the gonad region and pain within the ovaries throughout emission.

*Pulsatilla 200*
It is a drugs for gonad cysts with scanty expelling hemorrhage. a bent of delayed emission, expelling hurting, chilliness, vomiting, significant pressure within the abdomen and lower back, a pressure within the bladder and body part

*Sabina 30*
It is a drugs for gonad cysts with significant expelling hemorrhage. The expelling hemorrhage is typically bright red, and copious, with the presence of dark clots. Movement tends to worsen the hemorrhage, and girdle pain that extends all the way down to the thighs is gift. Dragging pain within the back and lower limbs, and bloating and distension within the girdle region.

*Sepia 200*
Sepia may be a medication for gonad cysts with irregular emission. The periods could also be early or late, scanty or luxuriant, or of long or short period. a sway down sensation within the pelvis, soreness, fullness, pressure, distension, and pain within the girdle region with a frequent urge to urinate.

*Palladium 30*
A good remedy for gonad affections pains and inflammation.
Pain and swelling within the right ovary.
Cutting pain within the female internal reproductive organ, alleviated when stool.

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