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leucorrhoea may be a flow of whitish, yellowish, or chromatic discharge from the channel of the feminine which will be traditional or which will be a symptom of infection.
Such discharges might originate from the channel, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or, most ordinarily, the cervix.

Most causes of abnormal discharge are–
a.yeast infection
b.bacterial vaginosis
c. change of life symptoms
d.Sexually transmitted infections.

Homoeopathic management

Aesculus hippocastanum
Chronic muco-purulent redness, dark, yellow, thick and stringy, corroding. Retroversion of the female internal reproductive organ, that is enlarged and indurated, with heat and throbbing. With the discharge there’s marked gimpiness across the sacro-iliac articulation. Hemorrhoids, constipation, and congestion of the vascular system. hurting pains that fly apace from spot to identify. beautiful pain within the head with extreme irritability.

Copious mucc-purulent redness from associate worn cervix. The female internal reproductive organ is difficult, and denudate spots and granulations square measure found within the channel. The discharge is irritating, causation itching channel. there’s extreme sensitiveness of the channel busy with associate examination. The left ovary is enlarged, sensitive, and therefore the seat of severe pain. there’s constipation from xerotes of the body part, the arduous dejection being expelled with problem. it’s characteristic of the water of Alumen that it’s coated with associate oily iridescent film.

Very abundant clear redness, acrid, corrosive, aggravated throughout the day. Thin, lightweight yellow excoriating discharge, causation inflammation and swelling of the channel. The water passing over the components causes intense burning. disability of the female internal reproductive organ. Deep erosions of the cervix.

Ambra grisea
Bluish white redness accompaning physical attraction. Thick secretion redness throughout the night. itching fanny. Soreness and swelling of the fanny. All the female internal reproductive organ symptoms square measure aggravated by lying down. Ambra grisea are thought of for the redness of young ,.nervous ladies who are suffering from iron deficiency anemia, or once the redness follows a drawn-out unwellness from that recovery has been slow.

Ammonium carbonicum
Acrid, watery, burning
catarrh inflicting excoriation and ulceration of the fanny, with organic process. there’s congestion and excitement of the sexual organs. Hysteria, with listlessness, and lethargy. hurt sensitivity from fluidness of the blood. Indicated for stout ladies World Health Organization lead a inactive life, and promptly take cold in winter.

Catarrh just like the white of egg, with sensation as
if heat water were flowing over the components. White simple protein or scanty discharge. Acrid redness between the emission. abundant clear gelatinlike discharge relieving all the opposite venereal symptoms. Aphthae of the channel and fanny.

Catarrh some days once, or some days before expelling, resembling the white of egg, aggravated whereas walking. Yellow, green, acrid, corrosive discharge that leaves inexperienced spots on the vesture. Thick, slimy, robust discharge. Soreness between the labia, and thighs. Tendency to damp eruptions on the skin. The status is one among irritability, with inclination to misapprehend the motives of others.

Lilium tigrinum
Constant, gentle abundant redness that stains the linen yellow. skinny acrid excoriating discharge departure a brown stain on the linen. Bright yellow redness, excoriating the crotch. Bearing down, and distress within the girdle region. should hold herself along. Dry sandy spots on the labia, with intolerable itchiness. All the female internal reproductive organ ligaments and supports square measure relaxed. Offensive redness resembling the white of egg, with boring pain within the ovaries. nearly constant aching. Chronic ovaritis and pain of the ovaries.

Milky, excoriating redness throughout emission, with cold hands and feet, and cutting within the left female internal reproductive organ region. within the place of the emission, a white, watery mucus; acrid and excoriating redness, inflicting blisters and soreness. Slimy, bloody redness in recent ladies. Stitches running from the channel into the pelvis. hydrops of the labia. physical attraction. Sterility from excessive sexual feeling. The patient is extremely prone to external impressions. amenia with a weeping mood. appropriate to tall, slender blondes, with a fast, spirited disposition, and sensitive nature.

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