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Homeopathy Treatment for asthma in Meerut

When a person’s Airway becomes narrow due to inflammation and swelling and breathing is
difficult it is called asthma. It makes physical activity challenging or sometimes even impossible.
Asthma results from Complex reactions between a patient’s genetic makeup or constitution wit
known or unknown allergy 9 environmental factors.


~ Cough mostly at night while exercising for any physical activity.
~ Patient feels tightness in the chest and around the chest.
~ Shortness of breath is there which is aggravated by laying down and mostly relieved by sitting
in a stooping posture.
~ Patient feels weakness become anxious and panic.

DIAGNOSIS OF ASTHMA is made by the health and history inquiry of the patient. Family history of
asthma Bronchitis or suppressed skin disease. Physical examination by bronchial sounds which can be heard with the help of a stethoscope for a physical allergy test can be done.

Breathing test to know the capacity or power of the lungs called pulmonary function test and
spirometry Asthma is a potentially serious and even a life-threatening condition. Conventional medical system
use anti-allergic steroids and bronchodilators which can lead to other health problems and
various side effects. A permanent cure of asthma is possible with help of constitutional homeopathy medicines.

Homeopathic medicines work on patients’ constitution and aim at the root of the disease is
it correct the immunological system of the body. Homeopathic medicine normalizes the
hyperactivity of the respiratory tract due to allergy. Homeopathic treatment is safe and free
from side effects. The proper course of homeopathic medicine can finish your dependency on
inhalers and other oral bronchodilator medicines . The course of treatment is prolonged but there is
permanent Restoration of the health.


Best homeopathy medicine for shortness of breath

ACONITE- Useful in initial stage of asthma with anxiety fear and restlessness.

ANTIM.TART- Very important medicine especially in childhood asthma and in acute attacks.
Rattling cough is the indication for this remedy.

CHAMOMILLA- The patient is very irritable sleeping disturbances due to a hard cough. Breathlessness
is relieved from bending the head backward and drinking cold water.

IPECAC- When there is constant nausea loose cough and vomiting relieve the symptoms during
attack of asthma.

BRYONIA ALBA- When there is hard drive cough with intense thirst and chest pain this remedy is
indicated it is a very deep-acting remedy.

GRINDELIA- Patient awakens from sleep due to an attack of asthma there is a loud wheezing sound
in the chest easily audible from a distance.

LOBELIA INFLATA- This medicine is especially suited to the cases of asthma of gastric origin
there is a tight ring is felt around the chest by the patient’s extreme nausea and vomiting and a
problem history of gastric disturbance is found.

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