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Hair fall causes and its homeopathic treatment

hair loss can be divided into two categories

1. due to scalp diseases

2. due to non scalp diseases
main scalp diseases

1. taenia capitis– represented by patchy hair loss, hairs are broken off at the surface of the skin. margins of patches are sharp and clear with or without redness inflammation and plaques

2. lupus – it is chronic disease ma involve scalp where hypopigmented sanded lesions are found

3. seborrheic dermatitis– it is a kind of inflammatory dandruff ..scaly redness on the scalp

1. alopecia areata- sharp localized circular patches. sudden loss of hair without any visible scalp disease. coin-shaped patches are a typical representation
2. secondary syphilis
3. hypothyroidism


when a patient comes with a hair fall firstly we examine the scalp skin completely. scalp is examined to see a scar, shiny surface, absence of hair core,thinning of hair ,loss of elasticity ‘thick scab or wrinkles on skin
root cause must be found before starting the treatment. a good diet rich in mineral vitamins and proteins is important for hair luster and growth.

1. acid.fl- large patches, dry lustreless hair breaks easily
2.ammonium.mur- itchy scalp’ accumulation of crusts
3. ananthous- falling of hair from beard and eyelashes
4. borax- rough hair ,hair tangles at tip sticK together
5.calc.carb- dry hair with great sensitiveness of scalp, yellow whitish scales on the scalp
6.petroleum- hair start falling at commencement of winters
7. lycopodium – loss of hair with gastric disturbance . premature greying of hair
8.phosphorus – round patches with burning of scalp
9.sepia- falling of hair after a debilitating disease
10.sulphur-hair sandy lustreless dry brittle. scalp sore to touch. violent itchy scalp
11.thuja- white scaly dandruff
12. vinca minor- oozing of scalp with matty hair
13.wiesbeden- acts as a tonic for hairs

– avoid repeating or too frequent combing and shampoo
-avoid excessive use of oil and oily food
-arnica jaborandi mother tinctures can be used externally
-light massage on scalp
-good diet rich in vitamins and proteins

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