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Alopecia AREATA
Alopecia areata could be a condition that causes hair loss, resulting in bald spots on some body parts (often the scalp and beard). The exposed skin patches may be of assorted shape or may appear normal.
It is an autoimmune disease..

Clinical features
Morphology-Noncicatricial ,non inflammatory alopecia.
Presents as discoid areas of hair loss with exclamation point seen particularly at margins.
Distribution-Scalp,less frequently beard,moustache eyebrows and eyelashes,sometimes generalised

COURCE-unpredictable .
There is spontaneous recovery intially with growth of gray hair.or progresses to alopecia totalis (alopecia of whole scalp).
Or to alopecia universalis (alopecia areata of whole body)
Associations-pitting of nails ,atopy

Exact pathogenesis of AA isn’t established,but the subsequent are incriminating
1.Immunological factors:-A skin specific autoimmune diseases ,due to inappropriate response of hait follicle associated antigens.
Associated with other autoimmune diseases-atopy,vitiligo,autoimmune thyroid disesese and pernicious anemia.

2.Genetic factors:-Presence of case history indicates a genetic basis.
3.Emotional factors:-In some patients ,AA is precipitated by emotional stress.

1.Prevalence:AA may be a common form of alopecia
2.Gender :-Males=Females
3.Age:-can start at any age.

1.Ophiasis:-loss of hair in band like pattern at periphery of scalp
2.Alopecia totalis:-loss of hair from scalp
3.Alopecia universalis:-Loss of hair from whole body.

3.Routine examination as per the case

If a scar has is present:- just in case of Cicatricial Alopecia the expansion of hair is irreversible.

Homeopathic treatment is extremely effective in addressing alopecia. Homeopathic remedies for alopecia affect our body by optimizing our system. Thus, homeopathy can provide a good solution to the present problem.

Moreover, once it’s treated with homeopathy the probabilities of the matter occurring again also are highly reduced.

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