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ACNE ROSEA VULGARIS ITS HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT, Best homeopathic medicine for pimples

acne is basically a chronic inflammatory disorder that occurs in both sex esp in adolescence. mostly appears at puberty and continues for variable periods
in females premenstrual aggravation if most of the cases, it continues up to 25 years in a few cases up to 40 years.
common sites are cheek forehead chin nose sometimes chest is also included. open acne is called blackheads while closed lesions are called blackheads. the pustular lesion may be also found.

Management of acne

acne is a self limited disease and very rapid cure is not possible .careful proper contineous management over a period of months or year greatly reduce the effect of acne and risk of scarring also.
patients are advised to stop use of hair oil and greasy make-up on face.clean skin many times with normal water and good quality facewash
diet– there are certain restrictions in diet -patient should avoid — highly pungent food, high in fat and carbohydrates,
good to eat–green leafy vegetables and fresh food ,drink plenty of water and regular physical exercise

Homeopathic Treatment of Acne VULGARIS

EUGENIA JAMBOSA -painful acne along with comedones
BERBERIS AQUIFOLIUM- erutions in blothces .rest skin dry and scaly
ANTIM.CRUDUM- pustuler pimples on cheeks and chin which my develope in boils. associated gastric derangemants
CARBO.ANIMALIS- acne rosea causing burning in skin
CALC.SULPH- suppurative acne after the pus found its vent.face full of pimples and pustulus
GRAPHITES- acne with sticky honey like oozing discharges.thic crusting skin with digestive complaints
KALI BROM- blotchy red face / acne after sexualexcess
LEDUM.PAL- acne red esp on forehead and cheeks
OOPHORINUM- when ovarian dysfunction is associated with acne
SULPHUR- the king of anti psoric remedies.pale sick face bright red lips. dry rough skin with itching whic worse at bed time

Best homeopathic medicine for pimples

Pimples are a common problem that many people suffer from. They can be caused by bacteria or dead skin cells. The best homeopathic medicine for pimples is Pimpinella 30c, which works quickly on red and swollen pimples. If this remedy doesn’t work, you can try Pyrogenium 30c to treat the worst cases of acne.

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