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Dr. Anshu Tomar

Dr. Anshu Tomar is our expert in Homeopathic Treatment for skin diseases, allergies, PCOD, Infertility, anxiety, depression. She believes in “Medicine cure diseases but only doctor can cure patients”, A well saying by Carl Jung.

She always wanted to work for the needy and poor and therefore her first clinic was established in a village. She continues to meet and look after people in rural Areas.

She has been doing charity while holding medical camps and healing the needy.

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Dr. Vikas Tomar

Doctor Vikas Tomar inspired us for homeoblessings as a way to connect to people around the world and help them live a healthy life with the help of our knowledge homeopathic remedies whom we can’t reach out in person.

He has often helped us while dealing with uncertain cases. He has been inspiring and spreading awareness in people about health and sanitizing for many years. He believes that medicine is an art and a way to spread a message around the world and that has always kept us motivated.

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