acid is mandatory for digestion but hyperacidty is a trouble which is increasing day by day du to sedentry life style.
1.CARICA PAPAYA – indigestion for milk and meat , lientric stools, low appetite after prolonged illnes.
2.AEGLE MARMELOS – 4-8 pm aggravation.bloated abdomen esp lower abdomen.
3.ROBINIA.P- gastric headache.sourness of all discharges.
4.YUCCA FEMENTOSA -bil;ious headache..bitter vomiting
5.ACID.SULPH- sourness is more setteled on teath. patient as if biting raw mango.
6.NAT.PHOS-acidity due to sugar sweets and milk. thick yellow coating on toungue and roof of mouth
7. LACTIC ACID- nausea vomiting relieved by eating