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Homeopathic Treatment in Meerut

Experienced & Qualified Homeopathic Doctor in Meerut Uttar Pradesh


Skin Disease Treatment

Homeopathy Treatment for Skin


Hair Complaints

Homeopathy can treat hair problems


Allergy Treatment

Homeopathy can treat allergy

Get Relief and Permanent Cure

Welcome to the Homeoblessings Homeopathy. Our approach to patient care values the importance of the patient-practitioner relationship.

Focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence and integrates naturopathic healthcare and disciplines, lifestyle and nutritional advice.

Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine that embraces a holistic approach to restoring your health, relieving anxiety and balancing your hormones naturally.

I am dedicated to helping people feel radiantly healthy. You can read the testimonials here and book a Free 15 Minute Consultation with me or if you are ready to start, book your first appointment here.

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Achieve your goals easier than ever before. We offer a wide range of services personalized to specific your needs.

Fitness & Dietary

Not just medicines but diet plays a huge role in your health. We will help you get the best diet for your health.


Personal Care

Most of the treatments feel automated after sometime. We believe in personal attention to every patient.


Choose a 15 minute acute consult to find a suitable homeopathic remedy for an acute (new) symptom.


Homoeopathy is very effective for Tinea infections. One should contact early as delay or use of antifungal ointment can make the case difficult to treat.


It may be localised or diffuse. Causes may be congenital possible injury. Alopecia is mistaken as an external disease but the real cause is hiding somewhere inside.


It is a non-contagious inflammatory disease of the skin in response to an indigenous or exogenous stimuli symptoms resulting in twisting and hardening erythema of the skin


Asthma is a chronic lung disorder of airways characterized by the attacks of difficulty breathing
due to narrowing of bronchioles by mucosal swelling.

About Dr Vikas Tomar

Doctor Vikas Tomar inspired us for homeoblessings as a way to connect to people around the world and help them live a healthy life with the help of our knowledge homeopathic remedies whom we can’t reach out in person.

He has often helped us while dealing with uncertain cases. He has been inspiring and spreading awareness in people about health and sanitizing for many years. He believes that medicine is an art and a way to spread a message around the world and that has always kept us motivated.

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    Dr tomar is an excellent doctor for migraine . My wife had migraine from 19 years . After 1 year treatment she is absolutely fine

    Naveen Kumar

    My personal experience in the treatment of chronic psoriasis by Dr. Vikas Tomar. It has been a long treatment but with the expertise of Dr Vikas Tomar, the ailment has been cured. Thanks to the effort of Dr. Vikas Tomar. He's one of the most courteous, laborious n friendly Doctor around. Thanks Dr. Vikas Tomar.

    Aseem Kaistha

    Most reliable doctor for migraine as par my experience. I was having very bad migraine since 5 years which was cured by Dr tomar .I am so thankful

    Chaman Singh

    Dr is expert in dealing with skin diseases. I was very disappointed with my psoriasis. Tried all treatment for years with no results. My friend suggest me abt homeoblessings. Dr told me how to manage psoriasis and give me medicines... Now i am absolutely fine and free of psoriasis. Blessed to hv a such doctor.


    Suffered from nasal polyps allergic rhinitis and very severe asthma . Hospitalised many times due to dyspnea . It was very long treatment about 3 years here from dr tomar but now i very fine no asthma attack since 2 years , free from dependency on inhalers . Dr vikas tomar is a wonderful person ….. iwish him all goods in life


    “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

    Kara LucasYoga Instructor

    “If we are to create a more peaceful world, made up of peaceful individuals, we need a greater concern for others. Altruism. That gives inner strength, self-confidence.”

    Alex CohenLife Coach

    a better life

    a better life

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    a better life

    awaits you

    awaits you

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    awaits you

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    The homeopath will find a remedy most suited for the symptoms you or your family member are expressing right now. You will then be able to purchase the remedy from your nearest available store or supplier.

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